New Momentum Café in Regina looks to inspire through good food

Friends for 20 years, two well-known foodies in the community open a café together.

Jeremy Simes

November 2, 2021
CJ Katz (left) and Laurie Wall (right) at Momentum Café / Submitted Photo

Friends for 20 years, Laurie Wall and CJ Katz would get together every second week to talk business.

Wall is known for her event catering business Wallnuts, and Katz for her food writing, recipe books and weekly cooking show.

In January 2020, Wall was presented with the idea of starting a new café, and she thought Katz would be a great partner. From there, Momentum Café was born.

“This was the perfect opportunity, and what was great about it is this space existed before, but it didn’t look like how we’ve done it,” Katz said.

The café is located at 10 Research Drive in Innovation Place near the University of Regina.

It features freshly baked pastries, good coffee, sandwiches and other fare within a sunlit atrium. Katz explained the items are traditional but pack a punch in substance.

Clockwise from left: Reuben sandwich, the cruffie and breakfast sandwich / Momentum Photos

“It’s comfort food taken up to a more refined level,” she said. “The chicken salad sandwich is not just mayo, onion, celery and chicken, but there’s dried cranberries, toasted nuts, and some herbs and garlic to dress it up, all served on a baguette made by Solo Italia in Ogema.”

Nearly all the food is made in house, including the pretzel and potato buns. Very few items, like the pastrami, are made at Wallnuts.

The espresso is roasted at Calliber and poured naked, which means it goes through the one basket in a single stream, producing a thick crema.

Katz said she hopes the café inspires creatives who work in and visit the space.

“This is a creative community, and we want people to be inspired by what they’re having for lunch. It’s a different tone and enthusiasm,” she said.

The café is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

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